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NNSH的销售收入用来筹建Vch交易所,是Vch交易所的通证。Vch交易所计划2019年夏季开业,主要面向日本和周边国家的职业交易者和优秀项目方。 NNSH即刻实施空投,空投数量50~100万枚NNSH,来达到预热的效果。请尽快在Wafcoin交易所注册,抢注空投。


NNSH announcement

Dear platform customers:

nearly 90% of Bitcoin /French currency transactions are bitcoin/yen.  A lot of professional investors and investment institutions in the Japanese market from the world.

NNSH is the token of the Vch exchange. The sales revenue is used to build the Vch exchange.  The Vch Exchange is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019 and is aimed at professional traders and outstanding project parties in Japan and surrounding countries. NNSH immediately implemented an airdrop, 50 ~1 million NNSH to achieve the effect of warming up. Please register as soon as possible on the Wafcoin exchange and squat on the airdrop.


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