FOTA joins the launch of USDC by Circle

2018-09-30 11:10:02 区块链方图

近日,区块链一站式金融服务机构 Circle 宣布发行一种与美元挂钩的定币 USDC




FOTA.COM 宣布支持区块链金融服务公司 Circle 发行稳定代币 USDC。


FOTA.COM 的创始人兼 CEO 蔡良滨表示,

“FOTA recognizes the importance of stable-coins in the maturation of digital asset derivative market. Stable-coin plays an essential role on FOTA as it is used in pricing, quoting, settlement and margining, making the entire system measure-complete, a prerequisite for our state-of-the-art margining system STAMP (System for Theoretical Analysis and Margining Portfolio). We believe Circle USDC will provide more possibilities to this market and boost adoption of a new global economy.

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